Grow With Gold

Grow with Gold offer, brought to you by M/s. Malik Jewellery is one of the best jewellery purchase schemes ever. Now, you can get your favourite jewellery in gold and diamont in easy payment terms. Under this scheme, you can buy far more than what you pay for because we will provide a special benefit of handsome discount at the end of the scheme.

Scheme Description of 10 Month Scheme
A/C Opening Date Maturity Instalment Per Month Benefit on Jewellery purchase at the conpletion Growth of first month instalment at the end of the scheme
1st Jan 2015 1st Nov 2015 5000/- 2750/- 55%
1st Jan 2015 1st Dec 2015 5000/- 3250/- 65%
1st Jan 2015 1st Jan 2016 5000/- 3750/- 75%
1st Jan 2015 1st-31st Jan 2015 5000/- 3750/- 75%
Scheme Description of 6 Month Scheme
1st Jan 2015 1st Jul 2015 5000/- 1000/- 20%
1st Jan 2015 1st Aug 2015 5000/- 1000/- 20%

Advantages of the Scheme

Elegant Discount

You contribute every month to the scheme and M/s. Malik Jewellers will give you a handsome discount which is upto 75% of a month's installment.

Delightful Surprise

Contributing every month for the eventual purchase will make things a lot easier. Moreover, the discount at the time of purchase means that you can get far more than what you have paid for.

Wedding Shopping

You can opt this scheme to plan you wedding jewellery purchases in advance and stretch your jewelery budget with discount provided by us at the end of the scheme.

Jewellery Buying for Special Occasions

Make your special occasions, namely, your daughter's birthday, your wedding anniversary etc. even more memorable. Plan you surprise in advance.

Club Offers

You can also take advantage of other on-going offer/scheme at M/s. Malik Jewellers and combine any GHS scheme benefits with the on-going offer to get the double advantage.

Easy Payments

You have the comfort of multiple payment modes such as cash, cheque, credit or debit card or online payment.

Important points to remember


The GWG is a jewllery purchase- scheme where the customer is to pay installments(depending upon is the currency of the scheme) and his/her maturity would start after the date of joining the Scheme.

Scheme Description

The GWG will allow the customer to pay 10 (in case of 10 month scheme) and 6 (in case of 6 month scheme) fixed monthly installments of minimum 2000 or above (in multiples of 1,000). The customer has to pay one instalment in a single month is not allowed.

installment Payment

In the event the customer fails to pay his/her installment for any 2 month continuously, Malik Jewellwes are liable to refund only the principal amount paid by the customer and that too at and of the end scheme for completion which the customer has opted for in the beginning.

Post maturity

In case the customer does not redeem within the set tenure, he/she will be refunded the principal amount only paid by him/her without any benefits.

Category eligibility

Gold and silver coins cannot be purchased against the installments paid under the "GWG" scheme. The scheme can only be used against the purchase of jewellery at our showroom.

Documents required

GWG account holder is required to provide a copy of his/her photo ID like Ration Card/Passport/Pan Card/Aadhar/Driving License/Voter ID.


Customers are allowed to withdraw the installments they have already paid. However, no discount or any other benefit by way of interest or otherwise would be given. All refunds would be paid only by way of cheque or online transfer and that too at the expiry of the opted tenure.

Premature closure

No discount will be provided in case of premature closure of the scheme by the customer.